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General Styles

This section allows you to customize the typography and colors of general elements that will be used globally on the site pages. Settings can be found under Appearance > Customize > General Styles.

Body (Base)

This is the most basic typography and color settings that will be used globally. You can also enable/disable Font Smoothing feature in this section (only work on Mac). It’s recommended for better font rendering.

This is the difference

without font smoothing
with font smoothing enabled

Border & Subtle Background

In this section, you can set global border/line color and subtle background color.


This represents global link text color and link text color on hover.

Headings (H1 – H4)

This represents all heading levels (from H1 to H4) that will be used inside your post/page content.


This represents the blockquote tag found in the post/page content.

Form Input

This represents any form elements like text box, select dropdown, text area, etc.


This represents all button elements globally.


This represents the blog post title and also static page title. If not specified, it will use the appearance of H1.

Small Title

This represents the grid layout blog post title and subsidiary headings text such as “Leave a Reply”, “2 Comments”, etc. If not specified, it will use the appearance of H3.

Meta Info

This represents any meta text as used in the blog post header and footer meta, comments meta text, and other small info text.

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