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Off Canvas Filters

Off Canvas Filters is a sidebar or widget area that (should) contains WooCommerce products filter widgets. This feature provides better navigation to your customers and allows them to filter the products based on attributes, price, etc.

The Off Canvas Filters is implemented only in the main shop page (products archive page). When enabled, a new hidden sidebar is added in the shop page along with a trigger button above the main products grid. Clicking the trigger button will make the Off Canvas Filters bar appears on the screen.

To configure its style, you can go to Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Off Canvas Filters. The available options are:

  • Enable/disable Off Canvas Filters.
  • Change Off Canvas Filters sidebar position, left or right.
  • Set sidebar width, padding, border.
  • Set spacing between each widget.
  • Set typography of the widget content and widget title.
  • Set sidebar colors and box shadow.

To add the filter widgets, you can go to Appearance > Widgets or from Apperance > Customize > Widgets. In its nature, Off Canvas Filters is a sidebar (widgets area), so you can easily add any products filter widgets into it, just like when adding widgets into the default sidebar.

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