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Debugging Errors

Sometimes things might go wrong while using Suki and other plugins, here are a few tips from us for troubleshooting the issue.

1. Turn on debug mode, to inspect error messages

First, you need to turn on the WP_DEBUG mode on your WordPress site, by following the tutorial on WordPress Codex. After enabled, see if any error message appears on the page where the issue. The error message usually tells more details about what caused the issue.

2. Check if it’s a theme issue

You need to check if the issue is caused by the theme (Suki) or not. You can try to switch into other themes, maybe the default TwentySeventeen theme from WordPress. Does the issue still exist? If yes, then we know that it’s not a theme issue. You can run further check if any plugin might cause the issue.

3. Check if it’s a plugin issue

You would need to manually deactivate each plugin one by one until you figured out what plugins that caused the issue. After found it, you can report the issue or create a support ticket to the plugin author.

4. Join our Community Group and ask for helps

You can join our Users Community Group and write a post about your issue. Our community might have the same problem before and can provide you with a solution.

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