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Use Parent Theme Customizer Settings in Child Theme

When first time migrating to Child Theme, your saved settings in the Customizer would be reseted. This is expected as WordPress treats Parent Theme and Child Theme settings independently.

Suki has unique feature that allows users to use Parent Theme’s Customizer settings directly in Child Theme. When migrating to Child Theme you don’t need to reconfigure or import all your Customizer settings to the Child Theme.

To turn on this special feature, you need to put this code on your Child Theme’s functions.php:

if ( ! defined( 'SUKI_CHILD_USE_PARENT_MODS' ) ) {
	define( 'SUKI_CHILD_USE_PARENT_MODS', true );

If you download our Child Theme sample on our Github, this code block is already included in the functions.php. You only need to set the value of the SUKI_CHILD_USE_PARENT_MODS constant to true.

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